Flights from and to Budapest Airport

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Flights to Budapest Airport 

BUD Airport is the largest airport in Hungary. Located within a 24km distance from Budapest, Budapest International Airport welcomes domestic and international flights and is the hub of many regular and low-cost air carriers. Thus, if you are up for a trip to Budapest, all you have to do is search and compare all the ticket deals. Go ahead and compare the ticket fares to find the best value-for-money option for your flight to Budapest Airport.


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Flights from Budapest Airport

Are you planning on flying from Budapest Airport? Do you want to travel on a conventional air carrier, or are you looking for a low-cost airline? Whatever you are in search of, one thing is certain: you can find the best airfare packages. Do your research and discover the lowest prices for your tickets from BUD Airport. The sooner you make your reservation, the more likely you’ll find the top travel deal. So, why wait? Book your air tickets now!


Stay informed about all the flight status updates at BUD Airport. Keep track of your flight and get real-time info about potential changes and delays. Now, you can enjoy an unstressful check-in, keeping up with the latest news about departures from Budapest Airport.


Being the main aviation hub in the country and the only one serving Budapest, Budapest International Airport hosts a wide variety of airlines, from major international air carriers to low-cost air transporters and local air companies. Thus, flights arrive and depart daily at BUD with departure points or destinations all over the world. In fact, the airport’s traffic is expected to rise to even higher levels. As a result, in the future, a new terminal is going to be added to the airport complex to serve the airport’s needs.