Layover at Budapest Airport

Things to Do and Useful Tips for your Layover at Budapest Airport

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Planning to Spend your Layover at Budapest Airport?

Perhaps Budapest International Airport isn’t your final destination. So, you are going to get stuck at the airport for a short or even a long time until your upcoming flight. Let’s try a lucky guess! You are already feeling upset and frustrated about all this spare time at the airport. You’re not alone. Stopovers are de trop situations for all passengers. However, you should rethink the particular layover at Budapest Airport. Do you have only a few hours to spend? BUD airport facilities and amenities can and will fill your free time. Are you up for a long stay at the airport? Go ahead and enjoy a quick tour of the magnificent Budapest!

Things to Do at Budapest Airport

You have a few hours ahead of you before your next flight leaves Budapest Airport. Now is the time to explore terminal 2 or do all the things you always planned and never had the chance. Let’s see some ideas to get you started:

Go on a Shopping Spree

Budapest Airport may not have a wide variety of shopping options, yet its shopping experience is the definition of “few but well-chosen”. Fancy shops, major brands, local stores, and souvenir areas are at your disposal at the 5-floor SkyCourt building, connecting the two terminal’s sections (A and B). Certainly, a duty-free zone is also available. So, now is the time to surrender to your shopping urge!

Our Tip: You can download the Budapest airport app. In that way, you’ll get useful info and notifications, including shopping offers and discounts!

Are you Hungry?

Do you want a quick lunch, a proper meal, or are you dying for a drink or beverage? Select your favorite cuisine (Italian, Greek, Spanish, Asian, etc.) or your favorite fast-food store (Burger King, KFC) and enjoy a delicious meal. If you are up for a snack, you’ll find plenty of options while cafes and bars are scattered around the SkyCourt area.

Budapest Airport has Amazing Views to Offer

On the roof of the T2A, the Terrace Café offers refreshing beverages and tasty snacks, along with super comfortable chairs and scenic views of the airport complex. Watch the planes’ landing and taking off, take your must-have insta-pics and enjoy your drink.

Our Tip 1: The Observation area has free Wi-Fi but no restrooms. Therefore, as the entrance ticket is valid only for one use, you should use one of the airport’s restrooms before issuing your ticket.

Our Tip 2: Smoking is prohibited at the airport, yet allowed at the Terrace Café, as it is located in an open area. Smoking areas are also to be found outside T2A and T2B.

Let your Children Play

If you are traveling with your little companions, the enclosed kids’ area, situated in the middle SkyCourt floor, is the perfect way to spend the layover at BUD Airport. The kids’ zone is fully equipped and has tablets with apps suitable for bigger children. Please note that the playground operates daily, from 05:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Cultivate Yourself!

In other words, visit the airport’s exhibition. The gallery is to be found at the passage connecting the two terminal’s sections and, from period to period, houses various collections.

Surf the Net

Whatever your location is at Budapest airport T2, you can use the free airport Wi-Fi. However, free Wi-Fi may be available throughout the airport facilities (SkyCourt, Arrivals, Departures, Terrace), but it is limited to a 4-h period time. Nevertheless, you can make the most of this time, having your online tasks done, finishing unfinished work projects, organizing your emails, or even watching your favorite series or movie.

Pray or Calm Yourself

The airport’s room of silence, an ecumenical prayer room, is located on the T2B middle floor. This is the ideal location to perform your religious duties or enjoy some calm and silent moments.

Live an Airport Lounge Experience

Five airport lounges are at your disposal to offer you premium services. Take a rest, relish a drink or meal, exploit the provided business amenities, and most of all, enjoy a quiet time in a cozy and elegant environment.

Sleep During your Layover

Do you need some rest before your next flight? The most comfortable rest areas in BUD Airport are claimed to lie before the passport controls and in the SkyCourt zone, where comfortable chairs and benches are to be found. On the other hand, there is an airport hotel, Ibis Style Budapest Airport, offering 145 modern and cozy rooms, as well as bar and restaurant facilities. Overall, the airport hotel is the ideal choice to refresh yourself during your layover if money is not an issue.

Our Tip: Please note that there are no shower facilities inside the airport. Neither airport lounges offer similar services. Thus, if you need to take a shower, Ibis Style hotel is your only option.

Do you Have Time? Get to Know Budapest!

If time is on your side, hence you have at least a 7-h layover at BUD Airport, then leaving the airport and heading to beautiful Budapest is without a doubt your must-do-option. See as many attractions of the beautiful city as you can, or make your choice and visit your favorite sightseeing stress-free. The choice is yours! In any case, make sure you’ll be back at the airport 1-1.5 hours before your next flight to have enough time for checking in!

Book a Tour

If you don’t want to get to know the city in-depth and you simply want to get a good glimpse of its main attractions, then booking a tour is the only option that will allow you to see as many parts of Budapest as possible. You’ll find plenty of companies organizing trips from the airport. Compare your options, book the best value-for-money tour and enjoy the magnificent Budapest! 

Pamper yourself at Szechenyi Baths and Pool

Can you think of a better way to spend your layover than visiting the largest European baths that have more than 100 hundred years of history? The Szechenyi Baths and Pool have hot spring waters ideal for medical treats, massage treatments, saunas, and so many more amenities to be explored!

Just Walk

Take your coffee-to-go and get to know Budapest city center on foot. Take a scenic stroll next to the Danube River, admire the impressive Parliament, and move to the Chain Bridge, where the famous Shoes on the Danube River memorial is to be found. You won’t need more than 50 minutes for your walking tour. Afterward, you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many nearby restaurants. 

Climb to Gellert Hill

If you want to see one of the most beautiful panoramic sceneries of your life, you should head to Gellert Hill. The location of the well-known Citadella fortress offers an amazing view of the city and hosts many historical sights. 

 Get Lost at Gozsdu Udvar 

Gozsdu Udvar is a 7-building complex with six inter-connected courtyards that houses everything: from bars and restaurants to a flea market! Here, you can enjoy your beer or your food under the open sky and really feel like a local.