Budapest Airport Parking Services

Which are the parking options at BUD Airport?

Which are the Parking Options at BUD Airport?

Parking your car should not be among your concerns when flying from Budapest Airport. BUD Airport provides its passengers with premium parking services and has adequate parking facilities to fully serve the existing parking needs. Thus, you can benefit from the Premium Parking or head directly to the Terminal Parking, located near the terminal building. Alternatively, long-stay Holiday Parking and Smart Parking are also available for travelers.

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Terminal Parking

The Terminal Parking is ideal for passengers who need a short-stay parking option and for pick-ups and drop-offs. The parking is located just outside the T2. It is accessible via a covered passage, 4 minutes on foot from the terminal’s entry. With a capacity of 746 parking spots, it is an affordable alternative.

For payments, you can use cards or cash. Parking meters lie at the terminal’s doors, as well as inside the parking lot. Finally, Terminal Parking also has a payment booth.


DurationTerminal Parking Fee
0-5 min3.40HUF (0.90€/2.10$)
6-30 min950HUF (2.71€/3.2$)
31-60 min1400HUF (4€/4.72$)
2 hours2500HUF (7.14€/8.43$)
3 hours3300HUF (9.43€/11.14$)
4 hours3900HUF (11.14€/13.15$)
5 hours4500HUF (12.86€/15.19$)
One plus day+5000HUF (14.28€/16.86$)

Premium Parking

Premium Parking is the closest to the T2 yet the much more expensive parking option of BUD Airport. Situated right outside the departures area of T2, the monitored car park is the perfect choice for drop-offs and pick-ups. However, the parking has only 70 spots. Therefore, it is highly possible that you won’t find an available one. In that case, you should move to the Terminal Parking facilities.

The first 5 minutes are free for this parking. Payments can be made either in cash or via credit/debit cards at the automatic machines lying at the terminal doors.


DurationPremium Parking Fee
0-5 min470HUF (1.30€/1.50$)
6-30 min2400HUF (6.10€/6.30$)
31-60 min3500 HUF (8.80€/9%)
2 hours7000HUF (17.40€/17.80$)
3 hours10500HUF (26€/26.30$)
4 hours14000HUF (34.60€/34.90$)
5 hours17500HUF (43.20€/43.60$)
One plus day+25000HUF (61.70€/62.30$)

Holiday Parking

Holiday Parking is the perfect parking area for long stays. Are you leaving on holiday and you are on a search for a parking option? BUD Holiday Parking is 5-10 away from the T2 and is connected to the terminal building via a covered passage. It is an adequately cheap alternative, whereas online pre-bookings can secure even better fares. The parking lot has 2525 parking spots and is monitored. Parking tickets are issued once entering the parking lot, while payments can be made both in cash or via bank cards through the automatic payment machines or the Terminal Parking payment kiosk.


DurationHoliday Parking Fee
1 hour700HUF (2€/2.36$)
2 hours1400HUF (4€/4.72$)
3 hours2100HUF (6€/7.1$)
1 day4700HUF (11.70€/12$)
2 days6600HUF (16.40€/17$)
3 days7900HUF (19.80€/20.40$)
4 days9200HUF (22.80€/23.40$)
One more day+600HUF (1.60€/1.90$)

Smart Parking

Smart Parking is the new addition to the airport parking facilities. The new car park is monitored and is dedicated to long-stay users. Located within a 10-minute walking distance from T2, the 1440-space parking lot offers even more affordable prices. You can benefit from better prices by booking your parking space online. Payments in cash or credit cards take place in the automatic machines or the payment booth lying at the Terminal Parking.


DurationSmart Parking Fee
1 day3900HUF (9.70€/10.10$)
2 days5500HUF (13.70€/14.20$)
3 days6600HUF (16.40€/17$)
16 days18500HUF (45.70€/46.30$)
17 days19200HUF (47.30€/48$)
18 days19900HUF (49.10€/50$)
One more day+500HUF (1.43€/1.69$)

Pick-up Parking Area

The specific parking area exclusively serves pick-up and drop-off purposes. Free for the first 5 minutes, the Arrivals Pick-up Parking also requires a ticket. If you exceed the 5-minutes free period, you’ll have to pay at the payment machines located at the terminal doors.


DurationPick-up Parking Fee
0-5 min470HUF (1.30€/1.50$)
6-30 min2800HUF (7€/7.40$)
31-60 min3900HUF (11.14€/13.15$)
2 hours7800HUF (19.30€/19.70$)
3 hours11700HUF (29.90€/31.30$)
One more day+30000HUF (74€/74.50$)

Car Wash Services

Whether you are at the airport for a pick-up or about to fly, you can use the Park ‘n Wash services provided at BUD Airport. When booking a parking spot online, you can additionally buy an exterior car wash at a premium price. In that way, when landing at Budapest Airport, you’ll find your car clean and shining, waiting for you outside the parking lot.

For more info, you can contact the Park ‘n Wash office at (+36-70) 627 2672.


Are there parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility?

Specially designated parking spots for persons with disabilities are to be found both at Terminal Parking and Premium Parking and at the Arrivals Pick-up area. At Terminal Parking, those spots are free of charge for the first 60 minutes, while at the other 2 parking facilities, this special discount applies for the first 20 minutes.

How much is parking at Budapest Airport?

The parking fares at BUD Airport vary depending on the chosen car park. Thus, a 2-hour stay costs 2500HUF (7.14€/8.43$) at Terminal Parking, 7000HUF (17.40€/17.80$) at Premium Parking, 1400HUF (4€/4.72$) at Holiday Parking and 7800HUF (19.30€/19.70$) at Arrivals Pick-up area. The new long-stay Smart Parking costs 3900HUF (9.70€/10.10$) for a 24-h parking period.

How to pay parking at Budapest Airport?

A 5-minutes stay is free no matter the parking lot. However, in case of longer stays, payments can be made in forints or bank cards. Automatic machines are to be found at the terminal’s doors, while a payment kiosk lies at Terminal Parking. Finally, online bookings are also an option.

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