Budapest Airport Terminals

The Multipurpose Terminal 2 of Budapest International Airport

How Many Terminals are there at Liszt Ferenc Airport?

Budapest International Airport is the major and largest aviation hub inHungary, welcoming domestic and international flights and serving full-service and low-cost airlines. The airport used to have two terminals, terminal 1 and terminal 2. However, when MALÉV Hungarian Airlines, the main Hungarian air carrier, went bankrupt in 2012, the airport was massively affected. Therefore, cutbacks were on the way, and terminal 1 couldn’t escape being among them. Thus, it has remained closed ever since, and BUD Airport is served only by terminal 2.

However, terminal 2 is basically divided into two sub-terminals, T2A and T2B. Those sections are connected via a 5-floor building, the SkyCourt, housing all the shopping and dining airport facilities. Nevertheless, despite being linked, the two sections of T2 are independent, serving different flights and airlines, and are considered two completely separate terminals.

Future projects for the airport have in view the provisional reuse of T1 until the construction of a brand-new terminal building 3. However, the construction works for the new terminal aren’t expected to begin until 2025.

Budapest Airport Terminal 2A

T2A was the actual terminal 2 of BUD Airport before the building’s extension with the addition of the T2B section. Nowadays, T2A welcomes all the flights flying from the Schengen-zone regions. Moreover, it serves the relevant departures to destinations within the Schengen zone. Terminal 2A offers its passengers all the required services, such as luggage wrapping, currency exchange, post office, and tourist info desks.

Budapest Airport Terminal 2B

The new section of terminal 2 opened its doors in 1998. Today all the check-in points, arrivals, and departures concerning non-Schengen destinations are being handled by T2B. The T2B’s operation was boosted by the addition of the 220m Pier B in 2017, which houses 27 boarding gates and many jetbridges. T2B offers many services too. Thus, among others, baggage wrapping, rental cars, and currency exchange amenities are provided.

Budapest Airport SkyCourt

SkyCourt is the building that connects the two sections of T2. Therefore, to transfer from T2A to T2B and vice versa, you’ll have to cross on foot the SkyCourt area. SkyCourt is spread over 5 floors and is the shopping center of Budapest Airport. Here, passengers can drink or dine, picking their favorite option among the airport’s restaurants, bars, cafes, and fast-food stores. What’s more, all the airport lounges are to be found at SkyCourt. Among them, the Mastercard lounge is worth mentioning, as it is the first lounge opened in European territory by the major homonym brand.