Budapest Airport Taxis

Info and Tips about Taxi Fares and Prices, Taxi Stands and Popular Destinations

Why Take a Budapest Airport Taxi?

What’s every passenger’s desire when landing at the airport, especially after a tiring or stressful flight? To check in to the hotel as soon as possible. No one wants to wait for public transportation or have to wander around with heavy luggage. Therefore, if finding the fastest and most convenient way to reach the city center is the question, then Budapest airport taxis are definitely the answer.

The yellow Budapest airport taxis have the distinctive “TAXI” sign on their roof and are always available outside T2 of BUD Airport. However, you should be aware of the fact that all airport taxi transfers are operated exclusively by Főtaxi. Hence, transfer services provided by other operators or individuals should be avoided to eliminate the danger of getting overcharged or even scammed. In any case, Főtaxi vehicles operate around the clock at Budapest Airport and offer premium rides and services. Therefore, whatever time you land at the airport, you won’t face any difficulty finding a free airport taxi. Moreover, Budapest airport taxis guarantee safe and comfortable journeys to the city center. By hiring an airport taxi, you will have your luggage stored in the vehicle’s trunk and be dropped off right in front of your accommodation’s entrance.

Budapest Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Budapest airport taxis don’t offer set prices. However, the fee per kilometer is 400HUF (1.15€/1.25$), while the initial tariff is 1000HUF (2.90€/3.10$). Hence, a 24-km ride from Budapest Airport to downtown should cost approximately 9800HUF (29€/29.30$) and last 35 minutes. In case of heavy traffic, this fee rises as the waiting time is charged 100HUF/minute (0.30€/0.35$).

The fares are the same whether catching your cab from the airport or the city, while the tariffs don’t vary during day and night. What’s more, you can pay either in cash or via credit/debit card. The majority of taxi drivers accept payments in forints and euros as well. 

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Budapest Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Is your final destination outside the city center, and are you wondering about the final cost of your taxi ride? Check out the estimated fees to some of the most popular destinations inside or near Budapest:


Budapest AirportBudapest City Center
9800HUF (29€/29.30$)35 min
Budapest AirportKeleti Railway Station8045HUF (20€/20.30$)32 min
Budapest AirportSzentendre20000HUF (50€/50.50$)44 min
Budapest AirportEger60000HUF (147.5€/148$)90 min
Budapest AirportBratislava90000HUF (221€/221.50$)150 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Budapest Airport?

The FőTaxi vehicles are lining up outside terminals 2A and 2B. As soon as you exit the Arrivals areas, you will notice the FőTaxi booths and the Budapest airport taxis waiting in line. Please be careful as to hire only a taxi from the FőTaxi fleet. It is the only official taxi transfer provider. By hiring any other taxi vehicle, you risk getting overcharged. Finally, if you are interested in making a reservation, you can either use the company’s app or make it in person at the FőTaxi counters lying next to the taxi stands.

Airport Taxi from Budapest Airport to Hotel

After a long flight, checking in to your hotel as soon as possible is highly important to get your journey started. Wasting time for your transfer from BUD Airport to the hotel is needless and unfair. Hence, you should opt for a Budapest airport taxi. Firstly, you will always find an airport taxi waiting at the taxi stand, no matter the day or time. Moreover, with a Budapest airport taxi, you won’t have to carry around your luggage, but you will have them stored in the taxi trunk, safe and secure. Last but not least, the taxi driver will take you to the exact location of your hotel, leaving you just outside its doors.

Budapest Airport Taxi Tips

  • The only taxi company allowed to operate at BUD Airport is FőTaxi. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using any cab that doesn’t belong to its fleet.
  • Budapest airport taxis have a taximeter and don’t offer pre-determined fares.
  • The taxi fees are the same no matter the time of the day.
  • During peak hours (7:30-9:30 am / 4:30-6:30 pm), taxi prices may rise due to heavy traffic.
  • You can tip your driver for his services, but in general, tipping is optional.
  • You can pay either in euros or in forints. However, it is safer to pay in the local currency to avoid getting overcharged during the currency conversion.


Are taxis cheap in Budapest?

  • Budapest airport taxis are fairly affordable, at least in comparison to other European airport taxis. Their flag fee is 1000HUF (2.90€/3.10$), and the cost per kilometer is 400HUF (1.15€/1.25$). Extra charges may apply due to waiting time. However, there is no supplementary charge for airport or night transfers.

How much is a taxi from Budapest Airport to city centre?

The transfer with an airport taxi from Liszt Ferenc Airport to Budapest city center costs approximately 9800HUF (29€/29.30$), depending on the roads’ traffic. The traveling time is around 35 minutes.

Is tipping expected in Hungary?

Tipping the taxi driver for his services isn’t mandatory in Hungary. Nevertheless, it is always welcomed!