Budapest Airport Shuttle Bus

Get to Know the BUD Airport Public Buses and the miniBUD Shuttles

Shuttles and Buses from Budapest Airport

BUD airport is adequately connected to the city of Budapest via bus. In fact, a direct public bus line (100E) departs from the airport bus station and heads to downtown, while the bus 200E travels between the airport and the Nagyvárad tér Metro Station, located approximately 10km from the District V (the city center). On the other hand, there is miniBUD, the company that offers personalized shuttle services and is known as the official shuttle provider of Budapest airport.

The Public Budapest Airport Buses

The two public buses are undoubtedly the cheapest options for your transfer from Budapest airport to the city of Budapest. The bus line 100E directly heads from T2 to Deák Ferenc tér, in the heart of the city. Deák Ferenc tér is considered one of the main transportation hubs of Budapest, as well as one of the most popular areas of the city. Moreover, the bus line 200E may not offer a straight ride to the city center, but it reaches Kobanya-Kispest station. From that station, you can easily hop on the blue metro line M3 and travel to the city center. 

Our Tip: For the time being, due to construction works, passengers have to take the metro M3 to Nagyvárad tér station and then change to the bus line M3. During weekends, metro 3 is out of use, and the route from Kőbánya-Kispest to Lehel tér station is being served by buses.

The Public Buses Time Schedule from Budapest Airport

The direct bus 100E departs every half an hour from Budapest airport T2 and operates 7 days a week from 4:45 am to 00:35 am. The 45-minutes travel to Deák Ferenc tér usually gets longer during peak hours, due to the road’s congestion. In any case, the bus 100E makes only 3 stops during its journey, to Kálvin tér metro station, Astoria station and Deák Ferenc tér and thus, its route is fast and comfortable.  

On the other hand, the bus 200E may not be direct, but it runs 24/7. From 3:46 am to 11:04 pm during the weekdays and from 3:30 am to 11:04 am on weekends and public holidays, the 200E buses get to Kobanya-Kispest station in about 25 minutes, stopping at many bus stops along the way. From there, the metro M3 needs 30 minutes to get to the city center. Therefore, the transfer from BUD airport to Budapest takes about 55 minutes in total. However, during the night (11:05 pm -3:46 am), the bus 200E heads to Határ út station. Thus, in order to reach the city center, you’ll have to transit to the bus lines 914, 914A, 950 or 950A.

Where are the Bus Stations Located at Budapest Airport?

The bus stops for both the bus lines are located just outside the Terminal 2 of BUD airport. Specifically, the stops are to be found between the 2 sections of T2 (T2A and T2B) on the arrivals level.

Bus Tickets from Budapest Airport

The ticket for bus 100E is not an ordinary bus ticket. To travel on bus 100E, you’ll need to buy an airport shuttle single ticket, and no other type of ticket is acceptable. This special ticket costs 900HUF (2.57€/3$) and must be validated once entering the bus. It is available via the BKK mobile app, from the driver inside the bus or through the automatic machines and the BKK booths scattered around the airport terminals. 

The bus 200E costs 350HUF (1€/1.18$) for a single journey, without any interruptions or transits. Hence, you’ll have to buy an extra ticket for the metro to the city center, paying in total 700HUF (2€/2.37$). Alternatively, you can buy a Transfer ticket which allows you one transfer, either on a bus, a metro or a train line, and costs 530HUF (1.51€/1.8$). Those tickets must also be validated every time you enter another transportation mode. Tickets can be bought by the ticket offices, the automatic machines, or from the driver. Overall, the bus 200E is the least convenient yet the most affordable option. 

If you are planning on using public transportation during your stay in Budapest, you can also buy tickets (travelcards) that offer you unlimited transfers for multiple days. Those cards don’t need validation, but they are also personal and cannot be used by third persons. They are available through the Tourist Info Desks at the arrivals area of both Terminal’s 2 sections.

Our Tip: For more info, you can always visit the official BKK website.

The miniBUD Buses at Budapest Airport

The miniBUD company offers the official shuttle services from BUD airport. If you are interested in travelling on a bus, but you are also opting for more comfortable and fast services, then miniBUD buses should be your choice. With a miniBud vehicle, you can reach your exact destination in the city center. If you are travelling with a small group, then the miniBUD bus is an excellent option. You are going to travel comfortably, get dropped off right in front of your accommodation while paying a reasonable amount of money. Still, even if you are travelling alone, you can expect to be charged approximately 5638HUF (16€/19$) and reach Budapest downtown in about 40 minutes, depending on the other passengers’ destinations and the in-between stops. You can book your tickets online or buy them from the company’s airport ticket offices, paying in cash or via credit card.


How much is the bus from Budapest airport to city centre?

The ticket for the bus 100E costs 900HUF (2.57€/3$) and is valid for a single journey. Keep in mind that no other ticket/card/pass can be used for the direct line from BUD airport to the city center. On the other hand, the bus 200E costs 350HUF (1€/1.18$), but you’ll have to pay (2€/2.37$) in total for your transfer (one bus ticket and one metro ticket). Thus, a transfer ticket would be preferable as it allows you to make one transit while paying 530HUF (1.51€/1.8$).

How often does the 100E bus run?

The airport bus 100E leaves T2 approximately every 30 minutes. It runs from 4:45 am to 00:35 am, and it reaches Deák Ferenc tér in the heart of Budapest, in about 45 minutes.

How do you pay for buses in Budapest?

The tickets for the airport buses can be bought from the automatic vending machines at the airport bus stops, via the ticket counters inside the airport or from the driver when entering the bus. Note that tickets for the bus 100E are also available through the BKK mobile app. All tickets must be validated on the machines inside the bus.