Budapest Car Rental

Looking for Car Rentals? Discover All the Budapest Car Hire Options

Rent a Car in Budapest

Budapest taxis offer effective and fast transfers, while the city’s public transportation system provides efficient services at the most affordable prices. However, if you are looking for comfortable and independent rides without having to hail a taxi or align your schedule with the public modes of transport routes and itineraries, then a Budapest car rental would be the best way to move around Budapest.

Is it Worth Renting a Car in Budapest?

If your places of interest are limited to Budapest city center, then renting a car isn’t definitely worth your time and money. Driving around Budapest downtown can be tricky, especially during the peak hours when the traffic levels are high and finding a parking spot isn’t an easy task. Therefore, using cheap public transport, hiring a pricier, still affordable Budapest taxi, or even renting a bike would be good ideas for transferring inside the city center. However, if you intend to explore Budapest suburbs, and other Hungarian cities or cross the borders to visit Bratislava or Vienna, a car rental will be the ideal option, allowing you to move freely during your trips. 

Our Tip: Please note that not all car rental companies allow cross-border transfers. Moreover, even when they do, they usually charge an extra fee.

How to Rent a Car in Budapest?

If you are in search of the best value for money car rental deal and you are looking for premium car rental at low-cost prices, the first thing you should do is to cast about the available options. After searching and comparing the potential bargains and deciding on the car rental company, you’ll have to enter its website and fill in the booking form. Please keep in mind that early bookings always end up at better prices and a wider variety of vehicle options.

What Documents Do I Need for Car Hire in Budapest?

In order to hire a car in Budapest, you’ll need to hand over at least a 1-year valid driving license, an ID or passport, a credit or debit card (that depends on the company’s requirements), and the voucher that was mailed to you right after your booking. If your driving license isn’t written in English, an International Driving Permit will be necessary. Moreover, if the address on your ID doesn’t match your current address, you’ll have to deliver a document proving the correct address.

How Old Do you Have to Be to Rent a Car in Budapest?

An age limit of 21 years applies to car rentals in Budapest. Although some car rental companies claim to have lower age limits, the legal age for renting a car is 21 years. Furthermore, some car hire agencies have even more strict limits, overall or especially for some car categories (luxury, full-size, etc.). In any case, young drivers, that is drivers between 21 and 24 years of age, usually pay an extra fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Budapest?

The cost of a car rental depends on the model, the month of the year and of course, the renting duration. Overall, longer rentals offer a cheaper cost per day. In general terms, a mini car in Budapest costs about 12.600HUF(35€/40$).

Should I Rent a Car at Budapest Airport?

Car rental companies have official desks all over the city. Hence, picking up a car rental in the city center is not only possible, but it is also advisable. Car hires at the airport might be convenient, yet most of the time, they are charged at much higher rent prices.

Can I Rent a Car without Insurance?

Liability insurance is necessary by Hungarian law. Thus, renting a car without insurance isn’t an option. However, the fee for that insurance is usually included in the price. On the other hand, if you want to be fully covered, you can decide upon full insurance. In any case, some credit cards offer insurance packages. Therefore, you should always check if you can use your credit card for insurance too.

What is the Most Popular Car Rental Type in Budapest?

Mini city cars, such as Hyundai i10, Fiat 500, or Citroen C1, are among the most popular choices for car rentals in Budapest. Bigger-size cars are preferred for large groups of travelers, splitting the fare.

What are the Parking Options in Budapest?

Budapest parking settings are formed based on a zone division of the city. Each zone has different fares for street parking. In some of them, free parking is allowed on weekends and in the evenings after 6:00 am. However, for all of them, the maximum stay duration is 2-3 hours. The safest way to find a parking spot without wasting your time or circling around the city is to use one of the private car parks. On the other hand, finding a free parking space outside the city center is far more likely.

What’s More to Know about Renting a Car in Budapest?

  • A fuel-to-fuel option is always advisable, as car rental companies charge a lot for refilling the vehicles when dropping them off.
  • Benefit from the 24-h type of charge and return your vehicle during that time limit. In that way, you won’t get charged for an extra day.
  • Hungary has a zero-tolerance policy against alcohol. Therefore, you can’t drink and drive.
  • Car child seats for children up to 3 years old are required.
  • If you see the sign “Matrica Vignette” on the motorway, you’ll have to buy a pass from one of the gas stations.