Budapest Airport Train

Railway Transfers from Budapest International Airport

Is there a Direct Train Connection from BUD Airport to the City?

Unfortunately, Liszt Ferenc Airport doesn’t have a train station. However, trains depart constantly from the Ferihegy Train Station, located 6.5km from the airport, and head to Nyugati Station, 2km from downtown. Hence, if you wish to reach your destination in Budapest via train, you can take the Bus Line 200E from BUD T2 to Ferihegy Station and hop on the train to the city center. The journey lasts approximately 35 minutes, much like both the airport bus lines’ routes, but its price is lower than the direct bus 100E’s ticket.

The Train Time Schedule from BUD Airport

There may not be a direct train line from BUD Airport to Budapest, yet the good news is that the bus 200E runs from the T2 bus stop to Ferihegy Station on a 24-h basis. Thus, whenever landing at Liszt Ferenc Airport, the bus 200E will be available for your transfer. Its travel time to Ferihegy Station is about 12 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions.

When reaching the Ferihegy Station, you’ll have to change to the next train heading to the city center. Trains run from and to Ferihegy Station constantly with a 4-h interval (from midnight to 4:00 am). Their journey to Nyugati Station lasts 22-25 minutes. Thus, the total duration of the transfer from the airport to the city is 35 minutes.

Our Tip: Budapest has 3 railway stations: Nyugati Pályaudvar (the western station), Déli Pályaudvar (the southern), and Keleti Pályaudvar (the eastern). Every train station is connected to the subway network. Therefore, from the Nyugati Train Station, you can hop on the Blue Metro Line M3.

BUD Airport Train Station

BUD Airport doesn’t have a train station. Ferihegy Train Station, 6.5km from the airport, serves the train transfers from and to the airport. Thus, the stop of Bus Line 200E lies just outside terminal building 2. Once disembarking at the Ferihegy bus stop and crossing the pedestrian bridge, you’ll find yourself right in front of the signs leading to the train station. If you are traveling with heavy luggage, you’ll be surely glad to know that there is also a lift option to ascend the bridge.

The Train Tickets from BUD Airport

The bus 200E tickets cost 350HUF (1€/1.18$) for a one-way journey from BUD Airport to the Ferihegy Train Station. The price for a train ticket from Ferihegy to the city is 370HUF (1.06€/1.25$). Thus, the total fare for the transfer to the city center is 720HUF (2.06€/2.43$). Alternatively, Budapest cards and passes can also be used at those train lines. Hence, if you intend to travel during your stay via the extremely efficient Budapest public transportation system, you should opt for one of those cards or passes. Non-European travelers can also benefit from the Eurail Hungary passes, which allow an unlimited number of transfers for 3,4,5 etc., consecutive days.

The tickets for the bus 200E are available through the airport ticket machines or offices and from the bus driver (in cash). Nevertheless, train tickets cannot be bought at the airport. Thus, unless you have a Budapest card (Budapest cards are available at the T2 tourists’ info booths) or a BKK pass, you have to buy a train ticket once arriving at Ferihegy Station. Tickets can be purchased via the MAV ticket office or the automatic vending machines of the railway station, using cash (forints) or credit/debit cards. For destinations not included in the list provided by the ticket dispensers or for premium and first-class categories, tickets can be bought from the conductor inside the train. Moreover, you can book your ticket online, saving time for your journey.

Our Tip 1: There are 3 types of trains serving the Ferihegy Station. The Sz stopping trains, the GY fast trains, and the intercity. The ticket for the GY train costs 520HUF (1.49€/1.76$), whereas the IC intercity ticket 820HUF (2.34€/2.76$).

Our Tip 2: If you are traveling from the city center to BUD Airport, you can buy a discount ticket for the bus 200E, at 300HUF (0.86€/1$). However, those tickets are available only combined with a train ticket from Budapest to Ferihegy Station and can only be used on the bus 200E leaving from Ferihegy and heading to T2.


Is there a train station in Budapest Airport?

BUD Airport doesn’t have a train station. Thus, passengers who wish to reach the city center by train have to take the Bus Line 200E to the closest railway station, Ferihegy Station.

How do I get from Budapest Airport to the train station?

To reach Ferihegy Station, you’ll have to get on board the bus 200E, running 24/7 just outside the T2. The journey on the bus to the train station lasts about 12 minutes and costs 350HUF (1€/1.18$).