Budapest Airport Guide

Useful Information and Tips about Budapest Airport

General Airport Information

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, its official name after the famous Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt, is the main airport serving the city of Budapest and the major aviation hub of Hungary. It is located 24km from the capital and is connected to the city center via private transfers and public transportation. The airport serves all the major airlines, domestic and international, and has regained its glory after the 2012 bankruptcy of Malév Hungarian Airlines, which left its mark on the BUD airport’s functioning. Nowadays, it welcomes millions of passengers annually. Still, the airport’s terminal 1, which was closed in 2012 due to cost-cutting, is not operational.


Budapest International Airport is served by one terminal building, the T2, subdivided into 2 sections. However, the two sections of T2 -T2A and T2B- serve different flights and airlines. Thus, they function as separate terminals. In the future, a new terminal, terminal 3, is expected to be constructed to meet the progressively increasing airport’s needs.


Are you looking to track down the best accommodation options near the airport? You can actually check in to your room without even exiting the airport complex. Budapest airport hotel, Ibis Style Budapest Airport, lies within a 5-minutes walking distance from the Arrival area. If you opt for an alternative outside the airport, you can take a look at our 5 favorite hotels near the airport. Finally, do you want the full Budapest experience? Stay in one of the top 5 hotels in the city center.


Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport has adequate parking facilities, while a new multi-story car park is on the way. Hence, parking your car at BUD Airport shouldn’t worry you, no matter the duration of the stay or the available budget. The airport has to offer prime services, such as Premium Parking, as well as more affordable options (Terminal Parking). Finally, long stays are served by the Holiday Parking and the new, more low-cost Holiday Parking Lite.

Layover at the Airport

Are you stuck at BUD Airport during your layover? Make the most of your time spent there. Is your stopover short? Go explore Budapest Airport. Shops, restaurants, and lounge facilities, along with a gallery and an observation rooftop area, are only a few of your options. Are you going to spend more than 7 hours in BUD? Leave the airport behind and get a quick glimpse of beautiful Budapest.